Top masturbation techniques for men
Top masturbation techniques for men

Men always need some time for them alone, some special treatment, something to help them recover after a stressful day so I think that “masturbation for men” is a very interesting and intriguing subject for every mature male or even teenager.

   What happens if you don’t have the time and disposition to conquer a woman, to seduce her and to satisfy your desires? That’s a situation where masturbation for men comes in the top of your options. It’s a simple and natural choice adopted by thousands of single, committed and even married men.

      Masturbation for men was a taboo subject for a long time but recently it became a common thing, known and accepted by the women too.

   Below you’ll find some of the top masturbation techniques for men. I hope you’ll find them useful.

  1. The most common technique is the palm rubber. Lube one of your hands once you’re erect and start rubbing your penis to your palm. This masturbation for men technique is similar to rubbing your hand on your penis but it’s adopted more often. Get satisfied all by yourself and rub against your hand until you reach orgasm.
  2.  Another technique is the one mentioned above and it’s called the ring around your penis. This one comes on the second place in the top techniques concerning masturbation for men. Like I already remembered, you have to lube your both hands and with the help of your forefinger and thumb, you have to form a ring. Slide your hands from head to the base of your penis, but not too hard. Keep doing it until you reach the culminant point.
  3. The cold climax concept revolutionized the masturbation for men sphere. For more powerful and intense sensations you should try this technique. To reach orgasm, use any of the usual methods but before ejaculating, try a little trick. Keep some ice cubes next to you and when the time comes, grab some of them in one of your hand. So you’ll have the cold sensation in one of your hand, the warm or hot sensation in the other hand and along with the ejaculation feeling you’ll experience something I’m very sure you’ll enjoy. Masturbation for men is nowadays a common thing, so why not to have a little fun with it?

   No one is suggesting that masturbation for men should become a habit but it’s good to know that if you’re in a desperate situation and you need guidance and help, you can easily find advices and techniques on the internet. You don’t have to feel ashamed because masturbation for men is a perfectly normal thing, sometimes necessary.

   I hope the techniques from above were useful to you and after reading this short article you know a little more about masturbation for men.